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Bearded Men Model Vintage Sunglasses; De La Vega Museum Closed

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LOWER EAST SIDE—For a week starting today, vintage sunglasses are 50% off at Orchard Street hat shop Still Life. Judging from their website gallery, these dapper frames are meant for only the most intriguing of men, particularly those with lush beards who enjoy holding musical instruments. Seriously, if you're bored at work, click through to see unique male accessories in 1940s-esque tableaus. [Still Life]

EAST VILLAGE—What's going on with the De La Vega Museum on St. Mark's Place? EV Grieve reports that the shop, where street artist James De La Vega sells his work, is "all but empty." No word yet on why, but Grieve promises to investigate. [EVG]

Still Life

77 Orchard Street, New York, NY