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The Only Thing That Could Make Viva Vena! Better Is A Margarita

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It sounds like a fiesta, and with its whimsical hand-drawn designs and kooky prints, Vena Cava's new diffusion line Viva Vena! practically is. Now on the rack at Opening Ceremony, Scoop, Gargyle, Barney's and Bergdorf's, the affordable wares from glorious design duo Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai are a casual take on the ladies' well-known dressier duds, and all cost less than $200.

The items, ranging from a sign language printed t-shirt to thin dresses fit for wintertime layering, are pretty much perfect for ending your sad attempt at one of those cockamamie wardrobe diets. (Who wants to only wear the same six items, anyway?) And, made of organic materials in the designers' hometown of Los Angeles, the designs are definitely dress-downed cool, for times when you want to look good but don't want to keep your legs crossed in a tiny, tight dress at dinner. Or on the subway. Or in a cab. Or ever. This heat is killing us. We want pants. Those pants. Is it fall yet? — Carlye Wisel
· Vena Cava [Official Site]