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Grast Introduces The MTA To High Concept Shopping

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Opening a store in this economy is ambitious, but creating one that aims to be zen-like inside the Times Square subway station is practically incomprehensible. With its one-of-a-kind artist collaborations and graphic art-minded merchandise that's difficult to find elsewhere, though, Grast may be worth missing the express train for.

The concept shop, underneath the corner of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, aims to give homage to the graffiti artists, underground art scene, and subway culture of yesteryear with its accessories, toys and t-shirts. Embracing the dingy underground as an inspirational juxtaposition, owner Merwin Andrade has used bright lighting and sleek design inside Grast to try and revive the idea of an American subway shop. Best of all, everything costs under $100 — this way, even if you stop to shop, you'll still have a dollar or two to give the mariachi band playing a ditty on your downtown train. — Carlye Wisel
· Grast Boutique Makes Subway Shopping Cool [Refinery 29]


42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, New York, NY