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The Secret to the Hollister Hunks' Perfect Tan Is...

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Please allow us to quote a Missy Elliot song right now: "Hot Boyz / baby you got what I want." And that would be a perfect tan and a perfect six pack. We could do without the floral boardshorts.

Yesterday, while getting in our monthly ogle of the Hollister hard bodies, we decided it was high time to discover their secret; their secret for that aforementioned perfect tan. How is it that, after hours and hours in the hot Soho sun, these boys keep their glow even and not-too-dark? What SPF are they slathering on? We sidled up to them to find out.

Firmly establishing themselves as future candidates for skin cancer, the boys minding the door confessed to us that although "the store has stuff" for them, they don't use anything other than the zinc oxide you'll see them sporting on their noses, a la proper California surfer boys.

They didn't admit to the ol' fake bake, but we wouldn't put a spray tan past them. After all, once you get up next to the boys, you'll notice that their tan is oddly even, when it's typically just their chests that soak in the sun's rays during their Hollister shifts.

And that is your investigative journalism report of the day.
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600 Broadway, New York, NY