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Action at the Old Soho Yohji Space Fuels Alexander Wang Suspicions

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With Fashion Week getting ever closer and the prime store opening time approaching, we're waiting with bated breath for Alexander Wang to announce the location for his first retail store...ever.

WWD confirmed that is was in the works back in June, and we've thrown in our two cents for neighborhood options, but it looks like the general consensus is that the old Yohji Yamamoto flagship on Grand Street in Soho will be it. And something is definitely happening in there.

When the Yohji store abruptly closed one day in January, we just happened to be walking past as the employees locked up. From that day on through many months, the store, which has a white interior, was hastily papered up and the paper had a "Y" cut out of it on one side (we're guessing by a sad former Yohji employee).

Our inspection of the site yesterday reveals that it's not only been freshly papered, but that it's without a single peephole and the black security gates on the inside have been lifted. It also may be painted black inside or have a black ceiling now. Things are eerily quiet down there, too quiet and too buttoned up. We can't wait to see if we're right.
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