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Bargain Bins and a Plethora of Bags at Lauren Merkin

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On our way up to the Lauren Merkin sale, offering up to 70% off, we kept encountering girls each carrying white shopping bags full of an average five clutches. Upon entering and checking our own bags, we realized why. Those weren't free-spending, big-budgeted shoppers—they were people who'd found clutches for $20, $30, $40 and $50 in the bargain bins.

The bargain clutch bins are located near the entrance, so we suggest this be your first stop. Highlights include large taupe stone embellished envelope clutches for $40, jewel toned Lotte ruched minis for $40 (originally $220), and a few cute beige Lucies for $20.

On the main floor, the larger totes and handbags are located along the walls. On the back wall, there is a rainbow assortment of the expandable double zipper Stella carryall totes in gray, caramel, green, orange, you name it, for $250 (originally $595). The boho braided-strap Cecilia hobo in a multitude of colors is $225 (from $575) and the Paige duffel in various colors and textures (we liked the cream ostrich with red handles and the croc patterns) is $250 (from $525). Moving along, there is also the older Bianca hobo in dark leather shades, plus a couple whimsical canvas styles for $165 (originally $495). There were a few Phoebe woven strap hobos in black or brown for $225 (originally $478) and a few glazed leather and suede Bailey saddle bags (we liked the grey) for $175 (originally $395).

The rest of the sale was filled to the brim with clutches starting at $60 and topping out around $175 for the more elaborate numbers, like alligator styles. The reversible Cate in a variety of colors and textures is $70, the Lotte Disco is $125, and the studded Diana is $125 (from $225) for leather and $90 for satin.

Near the front, we found a press sample table. While there were some adorable and one-off items like a blue tie dye print leather clutch for $120, the markdowns weren't that different from the main floor items. Other items of note include super cute and functional travel jewelry boxes for $30, wallets with small gold studs for $55 and laptop cases with a strap for $25 (without a strap for $20).

Cash and credit are accepted. They will be replenishing the main stock and there may be markdowns later on in certain styles. The Bargain Bin goods will not be replenished though, so head on over soon to snag yourself a $20 Lucy clutch.
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Lauren Merkin Sale

231 W. 29th Street, New York, NY