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The Geren Ford Sale is Silky Smooth and One Day Only

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The Geren Ford sale, with deals up to 80% off, starts today and lasts just through tonight. We dropped by the preview last night for a peek before the masses hit and were very pleased with what we saw. All the items are clearly and neatly organized by price point starting at $20 and topping out at $125.

Who knows if the samples survived through last night—but that was probably one of the best sample racks we've ever seen. Every piece was in pristine condition and there was an actual variety of sizes (albeit on the more diminutive side) from extra small to medium. We saw sexy drapey silk tops for $20 and tons of silk dresses in a variety of styles for $40 each. And considering that dresses even on sale on run around $176, that's a fantastic deal.

The next greatest deals at the sale are on the mixed denim, leather and silk rack. The moto-cross skinny jeans in black and light blue wash, plus black skinny jeans with grated silver button detail, are priced at $60. There were also a few leather skirts last night (one black mini and a few caramel pencil numbers) for a ridiculous $50.

The majority of the sale rests at the $75 price point, where you'll find silky v-front wide ruffle sleeveless tops (originally $239 and on sale at Shopbop for $163), super sexy and versatile slouchy grey paillette tees (originally $248 and $174 on Shopbop), patterned wrap-front ribbon-strap silk tops, black and white dot pattern skirts (and harem pants in the same print) and tops, ruffle tiered abstract patterned mini-skirts, and more. The $100 rack is full of the Gathered Arm Dress (even still $229 on sale on Shopbop) with the drawstring waist in black, ecru ink splat and a bright colored smudge pattern. Last is the $125 rack, full of black-and-white dot-pattern jumpsuits and sexy, spaghetti strap lipstick-red maxi dresses (lots of mediums), which the super friendly sales staffers were mostly decked out in, too.

There isn't a set dressing area, so be prepared. There is a big mirror in the front and the sales staff is super helpful. ("Those fit perfectly on you." Oh, OK, guess we have to buy those dresses then!) Sizes are random and determined by style; we saw mostly smalls and mediums and everything is out on the floor. Cash and credit are accepted. Go as soon as it opens at 10am—maybe there will still be some samples left this morning.
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Geren Ford Sample Sale

54 Thompson Street, New York, NY