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Deranged Man Stabs Manager of Meatpacking Solstice Store

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Solstice before its grand opening back in 2008
Solstice before its grand opening back in 2008

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When Solstice Sunglasses opened up on 9th Avenue nearby Pop Burger in late 2008, the most they ever hoped to have to deal with were drunk Meatpacking partiers who might be willing to drop several hundred on new pairs of Oakleys. But last night around 6pm, far worse transpired in the boutique when a "disturbed man" entered the store, mumbled a question about prices, and proceeded to whip out a 3-inch folding knife and stab the 28-year-old Solstice manager.

According to Gothamist, the stabber then chased after another Solstice sales associate, who escaped by fleeing into the restaurant next door. Sadly, the rampage didn't end there. The man, now wielding the bloody knife, crossed the street into the small pedestrian plaza in the middle of 9th Avenue, and proceeded to stab three more people there for a free salsa dancing demonstration.

The police eventually maced, strait-jacketed and arrested the man and all of his victims are expected to be okay, but that doesn't make this scenario any less scary. Be safe out there, and this goes for other shoppers as much as sales associates; New York City has its share of crazies, and unfortunately stores sometimes make easy targets.
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Solstice Sunglasses

48 9th Avenue, New York, NY