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Jodi Arnold Definitely Moving Into Downtown Brooklyn

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The interior of the Jodi Arnold Flagship on University Place
The interior of the Jodi Arnold Flagship on University Place

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It's no longer a rumor, but totally official: Designer Jodi Arnold is confirmed to open a second outpost on Atlantic Avenue. The shop, taking over a former restaurant space, is confirmed for Saturday, July 24. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Jodi Arnold has called Brooklyn home for over 15 years, saying:

"Brooklyn isn't as transient as other parts of the city; it reminds me of home. Most people wouldn't put Brooklyn and Birmingham in the same sentence, but they both have a sense of community and warmth. This lack of pretense—;what I call "soul"—is the essence of our brand."
The Brooklyn outpost joins her flagship on University Place in Manhattan. We're very excited to see the new shop opening in the Atlantic Avenue nabe, which is quickly becoming (or already is, actually) a boutique shopping destination.
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Jodi Arnold

347 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY