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DSW, Forever 21, Filene's and Six Others Fined for Blasting Cool Air

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Since the summer of 2008, it's been illegal for stores to leave their doors open while the AC is on. Last summer, offending retailers got away with warnings, but it looks like the grace period has ended: The city's Department of Consumer Affairs just slapped nine stores with $200 fines for cooling the sidewalk. In Manhattan, Union Square was hit particularly hard, with Filene's, DSW, and Forever 21 all targeted. The Armani Exchange on Fifth Avenue and the Brooklyn Industries in Chelsea also got fined, as did Jeans Plus, Bronx Kidstown, Jimmy Jazz and V.I.M. in the Bronx. All nine had received warnings last year, but it sounds like the heat wave provided plenty of incentive for them to buck the law again—sales spiked this weekend, and we're sure the siren call of the AC had something to do with it.
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