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Oak Sale Redux: What Was Left This Morning

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Oak opened its doors at 11am to a smaller-than-average sale crowd, but what the group lacked in numbers it made up in flair. One male shopper wore a muscle tank with giant armholes and a pair of jorts, while another had on yellow plaid drop-crotch shorts.

Inside, the scene hadn't changed too much from last night. Menswear was still packed with plaid, sweaters, and those puffy jackets; denim is $20, by the way, with plenty of dark washes and colors available. Womenswear also seemed fairly un-ravaged, especially the stock of one-piece Oak bathing suits with cut-out sides ($40.) There's also a ton of unisex-looking gear, including Hyden Yoo jackets ($40 for blazers; $80 for khaki trenches, field jackets, and cropped zip windbreakers) and Oak brand pleated shorts ($40 down from $112.)

The store has taken some markdowns from last night: Single dangle silver earrings that were $30 are now $20, and the matching necklace is now $30 down from $40. Certain bags also appeared to be new, though maybe they were just hiding yesterday. We found a bunch of slouchy hobos and fringed and studded messenger bags that were almost definitely pleather but cute nonetheless. A canvas and white pleather-lined tote went for $27.60 down from $92, and a black Mary Meyer tote was just $15. As for shoes, make a beeline for the Eliza wedges from Alexander Wang—only five pairs were left, at $200 each. Consolation prizes include black Ash booties ($80), or, if you're into the unisex thing, $10 Zurlick canvas sneakers.

By the time we left, the crowd had picked up. In the back, a mob of half-naked guys and girls fought for mirror space. And judging from our first reader report, they were probably satisfied with what they found. She writes: "Let's talk about the Preen dress I just brought for $40 at the Oak Sample Sale a few minutes ago.$40 DOLLARS PEOPLE. Get down to Bond Street!"
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