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Today in Bed Bugs

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The South Street Seaport's Abercrombie is back and firing on all cylinders after being shuttered for five days due to a bed bug infestation. So, who's ready to snuggle into a nice fumigated A&F t-shirt at bedtime? Weirdly enough, that's not a rhetorical question—there exist Abercrombie shoppers who remain totally undaunted despite the store's insect problem, and the Wall Street Journal managed to track some down. One, an 18-year-old Brit, told the paper she hadn't heard of the infestation but wasn't worried, since she “didn’t see any pests." Another, a 22-year-old Australian, said he wasn't really concerned about bringing home some unwelcome souvenirs with his new shirt and jacket and didn't think store employees should have warned him. “I can’t see why they would,” he said. [WSJ]