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The Baseball Store Greenwich Village Didn't Know It Needed

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New on 11th Street between Broadway and University: Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, a little boutique dedicated to America's favorite sport. Bergino sells handmade baseballs, many of them pegged to themes or special occasions. (The "It's a boy!" ball, for example, is $25.) They've also got other dad-friendly gifts like a line of cuff links, pens, and wallets made from balls that have actually done time in Major League games. And they carry a constantly shifting array of rare baseball artifacts—right now, they've got a 1950s Yankee Stadium popcorn holder that doubles as a megaphone.

Following what seems to be a recent trend in sports stores, the Clubhouse has a viewing area where shoppers can sit on wooden bleachers to watch games and listen to lectures. (Coming up: "On A Clear Day They Could See Seventh Place: Baseball's Worst Teams.") And there's even an art gallery exhibiting both original baseball art and vintage posters and photos. Is this all slightly random? Sure. But the shop's Cast Iron Building location puts it near lots of other antique stores, and its incredibly focused inventory could make it a major problem-solver for the friends and loved ones of certain hard-to-shop-for baseball fans.
· Bergino [Official Site]

Bergino Baseball Clubhouse

67 East 11 Street, New York, NY