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Rag & Bone Probably Isn't Opening on Houston Tomorrow

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Despite the painted sign announcing Rag and Bone's farewell to Café Colonial and the optimistic rumor that the shop would be open for business tomorrow, the storefront remains in construction limbo. The words "Café Colonial" are still printed on many of the graffitti-obscured windows, and there don't appear to be any handles on the front door. We watched a paint-splattered worker step out of the store for a phone chat, and the distinct sound of saws and staple guns could definitely be heard from within. In fact, the freshly painted facade and a mannequin peeking above the boarded windows are the only signs of renovation.

If nothing else, the delayed opening has definitely piqued neighborhood curiosity and anticipation, although unofficial Bowery mayor Billy Leroy from nearby Billy's Antiques remains uncertain as to whether the store will live up to the hype. "I'm reserving judgment on Rag and Bone until they open," he told us. "The name seems cool enough. Let's see if they live up to it."—Rachel Traub
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Rag & Bone

160 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 718-522-6758 Visit Website

Rag & Bone

73 E. Houston Street, New York, NY