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Queen Elizabeth Wore a Suit and Gloves to Tour NYC Yesterday

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While Lindsay Lohan was busy waving around her f-word manicure, Queen Elizabeth was touring 100-degree Manhattan in a very proper pair of gloves. The 84-year-old monarch launched the British Garden in Hanover Square yesterday wearing her usual format get-up, including a floral suit and a turquoise-trimmed hat. (We think she was also wearing hose, but it's hard to tell.) According to the royal press secretary, the Queen is used to this kind of weather. "She travels to the Middle East and the Caribbean," she told the Wall Street Journal. "She's often worked in really hot conditions before." And attendees at the ceremony, which honored British victims of 9/11, confirmed that Her Highness didn't break a sweat.
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Hanover Square

Pearl Street and Hanover Square, New York, NY