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What to Wear to a Lady Gaga Show: Last-Minute Tips

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Pumped for tonight's performance at NYC's Madison Square Garden by Lady Gaga? Everybody knows that this Fame Monster has made enough sartorial history to fill international magazines monthly. So what to wear to a beyond-fashion-conscious performer's big night in the city? For tonight's outfit, you face (at least) two problems: 1) Whether you're in NYC right now or not, you know the weather's hot and you can't be bothered with high-maintenance, wacko outfits or outlandish appendages. 2) Gaga's outfits are often boundary-breaking, but going pantsless and/or topless and/or wearing heelless heels doesn't strike us as street- or subway-safe. With that in mind, here's a roundup of last-minute shopping ideas (near MSG when possible) to help you beat the heat and keep street creeps and sprained ankles at bay.

1. Point: To look like a little Fame Monster minion, you'll need to pick up a signature Gaga 'do.

Buy: White-blonde or yellow long, shiny wig with straight-across bangs. Beware—wigs can be expensive. Don't overspend, unless you're bringing the look back on Halloween!

Try: Ricky's NYC on either 383 Fifth Avenue between 35th and 36th (212-481-6701) or 1412 Broadway between 39th and 40th (212-768-1175), both of which close at 9pm tonight. Or the Abracadabra Superstore on 19 West 21st Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (212-627-7523), open til 7pm tonight.

2. Point: Gaga is always wearing the half-nude or near-nude-looking outfit—think onesies and body-bearing getups.

Buy: To push your own boundaries but not be scantily clad, pick form-fitting garments in your skin color which will pull of the Naked Lady look, if only from across the street.

Try: American Apparel at either 345 7th Ave. between 29th and 30th St. (212-239-7940) or 610 9th Ave. between 43rd and 44th St. (212-258-2653, both open til 9pm. Specifically go for the Nylon Tricot High Waist Legging, Cotton Jersey Spandex Cycle Shorts, and the Cotton Spandex Jersey Bra Cami. There's also the Gap at 60 W. 34th St between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. (212-760-1268), open till 9pm tonight. Try for a tank or cami in buff/brown/light pink (whatever looks closest to your skin), like this one.

3. Point: Gaga always rocks the makeup! Looking anything like natural is a no-no.

Buy: False lashes are a must, but any garish color on your cheeks, lips, or lids will do just fine. Barbie pink lipstick is a good starting point.

Try: Sephora at 130 West 34th Street between Seventh Avenue and Broadway (212-629-9135), open til 9pm tonight. Go for their lashes bars and extensive collections of lipsticks. Also hit up Duane Reade at 31st Street and Seventh Ave (212-760-8107), open 24 hours.

4. Point: Don't have time for all of this nonsense? A quick shot of drama finds home in a headband.

Buy: Go for drama with your topper and seek larger-than-your-face, bells-and-whistles styles.

Try: Topshop at 478 Broadway & Broome (212-966-9555?), open till 9pm tonight. Better yet, Forever 21 in Times Square at 1540 Broadway between 45th St. and 46th St. (212-302-0594) stays open til 2am tonight.—Alice Taranto


44 East 8th Street, New York, New York 10003 212-254-5247 Visit Website


478 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 Visit Website

Madison Square Garden

4 Penn Plaza, New York, NY