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H&M Celebrates in Harlem; Rebecca Minkoff Lowers Prices

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Image via Sugar Rock Catwalk

HARLEM—H&M introduced its renovations with a bang last night at a press preview replete with (per the Shophound) "hors d'oeuvres on trays, a lady DJ spinning vintage soul and R&B and a full bar in the middle of the lingerie room (the Brassiere Bar, we liked to call it)." Check out pictures of the made-over store here and here. [The Shophound; Sugar Rock Catwalk; Harlem Condo Life]

EVERYWHERE—To celebrate her fifth year in business, Rebecca Minkoff renegotiated rates with her leather suppliers and factories. While that doesn't sound like the wildest birthday party, it's good news for customers, because the new rates mean she can lower the suggested retail price on her top five classic handbags. Starting this fall, find them all for an average of 15% less than they cost right now. [RackedWire]


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