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Pretty Patterns and Lovely Discounts at the Yumi Kim Sale

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The hot sticky weather finally cooled down for the weekend, but our shopping urge is just heating up. Perfect time for the end-of-season Yumi Kim sale offering 50% to 80% off spring, summer and past season frocks, tops and rompers. This sale is always worth the wait, as we can confidently say we've never paid full price for a Yumi Kim piece. Honestly, why would we when we know this sale will happen and the lovely pieces easily transition from season-to-season anyway.

The sale officially opened today and it was comforting to see that the pre-sale shoppers from yesterday left us lots to work with. Every single piece of clothing in the store is discounted and most of the popular spring and summer styles in bright, signature patterns are in the front section.

In the front, we saw the playful zip front NYLA romper in blue, green and pink for $88 (from $176) and the super adorable and versatile strapless (or one shouldered, depending on how you roll) Kendra romper for $97 (from $138). There are also dresses starting at $97 (like the rosette adorned and nautical one-shouldered Sheila and the whimsical paint brush patterned Aubrey), plus the slouchy, silky navy Claudia jacket for $105 (from $209).

Further discounts are found in the back room. Spring and summer tops are priced at either $66 (from $132) for a dot print ruffle spaghetti-strap top or $69 (from $138) for corset tops and peasant blouses in various vintage reminiscent floral prints. Mini dresses ran from $69 (from $138) for the dress version of the one-shoulder rosette style to $97 for a floral tank dress with the zipper front and drawstring waist to $102 for a wrap front and belted number. It doesn't stop with minis, there are also maxi dresses starting at a low $55 for solid strapless to $88 for a few ruffled halter numbers and topping out at $98 for the patterned gowns.

Frequent Yumi Kim shoppers will also note quite a few markdowns from sales past and this is where the $50 dresses lie (or hang, rather). We saw summery, fluttery leafy print halter numbers, short sleeve vintage Hawaiian patterned ones and jewel-toned and jewel-encrusted strap frocks, amongst others. There were also a few $35 silky halters and long sleeve butterfly pattern tops mixed in, plus $15 solid easter egg colored silk tops (meh, for those though).

Cash and credit are accepted and the dressing rooms in both sections of the store are available for fitting. Staffers seemed a little harried, but were friendly, helpful and more than happy to check in the back for extra sizes (if available). A staffer said that they will not mark down any further, but will be replenishing. Head there before the weekend crowds to snag your preference of styles and sizes or roll the dice to see if they'll end up at the next end-of-season sale.
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Yumi Kim

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Yumi Kim

105 Stanton Street, New York, NY