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Now That the Crowds Are Gone, the Diptyque Sale Is Lovely

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When entering the aromatic Diptyque sale, you're immediately struck by the incredibly calm, zen-like atmosphere. Well-dressed women (and two lost looking men) quietly browse the dwindling stock of rooms prays, candles and eau de toilettes while toting cardboard boxes supplied by the sale. Thanks to the chaos last night and this morning, there are only a few relaxed midday shoppers instead of the hectic scramble that generally accompanies the Diptyque sale. However, this also means that popular scents have very few products left and there are no plans to re-stock.

There are still two tables full of scented candles for $30 (originally $60), and while some scents have about 20 or 25 candles left, such as the light floral Poanpax, others such as Amande only have two remaining. The table full of $25 roomsprays displays a similarly disparate stock, with a ton of the spicy cinnamon laced Pomander and only 2 Gardenias. There are still a lot of colognes and eau de toilettes left (particularly the scent Virgilo), $35 for 100mL and $45 for 200mL. There was a small selection of essence kits for $10 and opened soap and roomspray samples that are going for as low as $5, but a large display of travel and bath/body sets that would make perfect gifts. If you're only interested in a specific scent you might be disappointed, but if you're just looking for a well priced indulgence for yourself or someone else, check out the sale.—Rachel Traub
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Diptyque Sale

11 E. 26th Street, New York, NY