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Do-Gooder John Bartlett: SAGE Advocate and Animal Saver

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Have you seen these Spanish-language subway posters for SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders)? "John," top right, is none other than local designer John Bartlett, semi-anonymously showing support for a group that fights discrimination against gay seniors along with providing informal home care and access to new "family" networks (like the Golden Girls!) Who doesn't love this guy?

We already knew Bartlett was all about rescuing homeless and abandoned pets. He's holding another animal-adoption event at his West Village shop on Saturday, July 31st, in conjunction with the North Shore Animal League. Stop by if you're looking for a pet, would like to pet a pet, want to make a donation, or just want to do a little shopping—noon to 5pm.
· SAGE [Official Site]
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John Bartlett

143 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY