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Bring your Calculator to Diesel's Huge Warehouse Sale

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If you're like us, numbers make you cringe, but big markdowns make up for all the math at the Diesel warehouse sale. The three-day sale promises up to 10,000 pieces marked down according to brand. It goes like this: 60% off Diesel Denim, 70% off Diesel 55DSL, and 80% off Diesel Black Gold. That equals big discounts.

It took us an impressive hour to walk around the entire sale yesterday during their friends/family preview (the sale opens today at 10am.) We thumbed through racks upon racks of denim—a wide selection for men and women. There were damaged jeans as well as jeans still intact for those who are leery of trendy wear and tear. Prices fell around $50 to $90, and we even saw jeans from the Diesel Black Gold fashion show going for 80% off $1400, or $280.

Other cool mentionables include men's leather jackets that were 70% off the retail price of $600 to $680, making them as cheap as $136 to $180. Women's leather jackets were going for a deep 70% cut off of a myriad of pieces that dove in the $500-range, which means savings up to $350 or more. There were also a bagillion belts for men and women, including gaudy brand name plates and cuter studded and braided varieties. While we were checking out the space, many of the women were readily trying on merchandise in front of the band of mirrors set up throughout the huge second floor space to make up for the lack of fitting room. Girls seemed to love the tops and tank tops, all $8 to $16 (down from $40 to $80 retail.)

There were also khaki shorts, bikinis, untrimmed hats and T-shirts on sale. What the sale was lacking: Handbags, undergarments and shoes. But if you love Diesel, don't let that stop you. If you don't love Diesel, though, this might not be the sale for you—nearly everything is branded and what's not is still very young and urban. —Joann Pan
· Dealfeed: Diesel [Racked NY]

Diesel Headquarters

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