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Yoko Devereaux Rises from the Grave as Gilt's First Capsule Collection

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Yoko Devereaux, the dearly departed menswear label and Williamsburg boutique, is getting a resurrection this fall. After its backers cut funding, the brand disappeared last summer with a bang, hosting a blowout sale and then sending itself off into the underworld with a "funeral" at the Box. Now, it's making a brief return via Gilt Groupe. Sometime this September—most likely the first week after Labor Day weekend—Gilt will hold a sale of Yoko Devereaux pieces designed exclusively for them.

This might be a menswear story, but it should have some relevance for women, too, since it marks an evolution in the way Gilt operates. Gilt developed an interest in reviving Yoko Devereaux after working with designer Andy Sälzer on a number of other projects. While the capsule collection includes some Yoko essentials, they also asked him to create new designs. Sälzer explains, "It's structured like a Gilt sale but they're being presented as the exclusive distributor. They haven't done this before, so it's new for all of us." Check out some examples above, and look for an update when the sale dates are released.
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