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The Parasuco Duane Reade Is Nearly Ready to Go

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We know: Everyone is sick of Duane Reade. But the branch of the drugstore opening in the former home of Parasuco on Lafayette and Spring is a big deal for the same two reasons that the new Union Square location is a big deal. First of all, we're witnessing a significant New York City space being taken over by a chain selling contact lens solution and Saltines. And secondly, Duane Reade is once again going nuts with the amenities.

Union Square has its not-yet-opened walk-in medical clinic; the Parasuco Duane Reade has gilded moldings and a marble staircase. Or at least, it had those features back when DR took over in April, and they were part of the reason the company was so attracted to the 83-year-old building. The new space—sorry, the new flagship, and yes, that's the word they're using—won't open to the public until Saturday. Bowery Boogie took a glimpse inside and reports, "From street level, the interior looks more like a fancy department store with thirty-foot ceilings than a drug store. Duane Reade is definitely pushing to go upscale." Which suggests that they've preserved the details on this historic spot, but we'll have to wait until Saturday to know for sure.
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Duane Reade

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