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Dolce Vita for Target Now For Sale Online

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So much for that August 22 release date: The Dolce Vita x Target collaboration has gone live for sale on the Target website. Check them all out here.

If you'd prefer to try them on in person, it might not be a waste of time to swing by your local Target store, as people have noted in our comments and on Twitter that they've located and purchased the shoes at various locations around the country. And thus far, the reaction to the styles and quality is surprisingly positive for a Target collab.

But wait; there's more! In addition to the three styles we first showed you last week, a few others have popped up. Add $29.99 ballerina flats in gold, pewter or black, $29.99 plain black oxfords and $29.99 studded black oxfords to the collection.

So what do you think of them? Have you spotted any yet out in the wild?
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