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Gothic Menswear Shop Bblessing Says Bbye to Orchard Street

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We were a little shocked to read on Bowery Boogie that Orchard Street stalwart Bblessing is closing its doors. Granted, Bblessing's whole MO—expensive, moody menswear from labels like Rag & Bone and Raf Simons displayed alongside art-movie DVDs and skull-shaped paperweights—never felt particularly recession-friendly, but to an outside observer the shop seemed to be thriving. Less than a month ago, for example, they re-released their in-house denim label, and this past weekend they hosted a sample sale for Timo Weiland.

Bowery Boogie points out that Mizrahi Realty briefly posted a leasing sign on Bblessing's storefront, implying that the landlord might have forced the store out, but the sign didn't last long. We've reached out to Bblessing management to find out more about the closing. In the meantime, you can always shop the sale: 60% to 90% off everything through July 31.
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181 Orchard Street, New York, NY