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Billy of Billy's Antiques Warns Rag & Bone about Bowery Ghosts

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When Rag & Bone opened its Houston Street location last week, we idly wondered what unofficial Houston mayor Billy Leroy of Billy's Antiques would have to say about the store. We already knew he liked the name—a reference to the junk dealers, or rag and bone men, who would wander British cities in the days before recycling—but as someone who'd been running a business on the other side of the street since 1986, would he approve of the shiny new space? Well, now we've got our answer. Billy writes:

I stopped by yesterday and checked out Rag and Bone...the vibe seems nice enough....However, I did warn them about the ghosts of the dead winos and junkies that haunt "the Bowery," ...and like John Varvatos offered them a Billy's Exorcism Kit. Good luck Rag and Bone welcome to Ye Olde Bowery....Billy
All of which raises about twenty other questions, not the least of which are a) What is in Billy's exorcism kit? and b) How do the wino ghosts feel about round-toed motorcycle boots for fall?
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Rag & Bone

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Rag & Bone

73 E. Houston Street, New York, NY