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Giada de Laurentiis and Dolce Vita: Collabs at Target East Harlem

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This morning at the official opening of Target at East River Plaza in Harlem, we saw many astonishing things; 19-cent bananas, Jarritos Mexican soda in tamarind flavor and a wall of novelty T-shirts being just a few of them.

One thing we looked for and did not find however, were the promised Cynthia Rowley for Pampers designer diapers, and since heading up to this Target might be quite a trip for shoppers, we're going to give you the lo-down on such collabs so you can avoid disappointment:

· Isabel and Ruben Toledo: Plenty of everything left, from the beach towels to the bikinis to the navy coverup dress. *This is a Harlem-only collab.

· Marcus Samuelsson: This chef's Warhol-inspired dish towels were almost gone (one was left), but plenty of the napkins and aprons are still hanging around. *This is a Harlem-only collab.

· Dolce Vita: Although all four of the Dolce Vita for Target styles were supposed to hit the store this morning, we only spotted five pairs of the high, lace-up boots. By noon however, a reader on Twitter informed us that staff had retrieved the complete variety from the warehouse and they were stocked and ready to sell. Too bad for people like us though, who were left disappointed during the morning. *This collab will only be in the Harlem store (with some national leakage) until going nationwide in late August.

· Jessica Seinfeld's Baby Buggy: A few infant outfits, a single baby hat and some diaper bags are all that's available of Seinfeld's baby goods collaboration with Target. Look for the endcap display and hope it's been refilled when you visit.

· Giada de Laurentiis: The Food Network's favorite Italian-cooking cutie has a small line of pots, pans and small packaged foods for Target. There's plenty of her stuff available, and we were seriously eyeing her raspberry vinaigrette.

· Shaun White: This Olympic gold medalist for snowboarding has a shoe line at Target for men and boys, and his display has pride of place in the shoe section. Don't worry; there's plenty Shaun White to go around.

· Converse: High-top or low-top, everybody who wants some Converse can probably get some at this Target. They've given over a whole aisle to the shoes.

· Cynthia Rowley for Pampers: No sign of it. Yet.

· Thomas O'Brien, DwellStudio and Simply Shabby Chic: Tons of Thomas and Simply Shabby, but we wish there were more Dwell sheets instead of so many damned accent pillows.

So what do you think of the Target collabs? Will you head up to Harlem for any of them specifically?

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Target East River Plaza

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