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First Look: Dolce Vita for Target

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Update: Although Target hinted that there'd only be 3 styles to this collab, it seems a fourth?a ballerina flat?has appeared. Check out thebudgetbabe for more, and stay tuned here at Racked NY tomorrow.

It's happening! It's really happening! Of course we're talking about Dolce Vita for Target. You see, when we got a sneak preview of the new East Harlem Target a couple days back, we heard whispers of this upcoming collaboration but now we can confirm: Dolce Vita has worked with Target on a shoe collection to launch exclusively at the East Harlem Target when it opens this Sunday, followed by a rollout to more stores much later, on August 22.

Although no images have yet been released to the press, we found the three styles via a simple Google search, and they're already online at (though not yet purchasable). Here are the details:

· $29.99 Gray Studded Oxford
· $34.99 Black Buckle Ankle Boot
· $34.99 Black Lace-Up Boot.

There are two obvious differences between the regular Dolce Vita shoes (Bloomingdale's usually carries a hearty variety) and these for Target: price and materials. Typical Dolce Vitas would be at least triple the Target prices, so they're more than a steal. However, be warned that the Target shoes are faux leather.

We'll have more on the East Harlem Target opening (and these special collabs therein) over the weekend.
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Dolce Vita

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