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Who Inexpensively Repairs Inexpensive Designer Jewelry?

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Summer is rough—it's hot as hell and everyone's pissed off and every minute on the subway platform feels like 15. Then, your hard-to-find piece of designer jewelry goes and breaks on you and then what? Let's try and make someone's life a little less tragic by pooling our collective New York City knowledge and helping a reader out. Here's the deal: His Karen Walker chain broke. He needs to get it fixed. Details:

I've never had a piece of jewelry worth fixing before—but this is Karen Walker! And you know how hard to find her stuff is! It seems fixable, nothing snapped or broke, it sort of just fell apart. Who repairs jewelry? And who isn't going to charge me a fortune—it's not like it's Harry Winston or something. Below 42nd Street is preferable. Any ideas?

Funny, we've never had anything nice enough to fix either—but someone out there must. Commenters, thoughts? Where should he go? If we get a good enough answer, maybe it'll become next week's Racked Rx recommendation.
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