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Victor & Rolf Menswear Suddenly Much Easier to Find

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If you're anything like us, you've done just about everything short of flying to Amsterdam, Paris or Milan to get your hands on Viktor & Rolf menswear. Bloomingdale's "carries" it but their version of carrying it is stocking like one suit, one white shirt and one pair of jeans—with no glorious prints, luxury knits, or color-trimmed tuxedos to speak of. Besides that, your best bet is a Staff International sample sale or a hope and a prayer and a trip to Century 21. Well, life just got easier.

A little bird informed us that Saks is all up in Victor & Rolf for fall. A few items—a dress shirt with a beaded bib and a mustache-decorated tee—have already trickled in, and come September an expanded array will be appearing in the sixth floor men's department, most likely in that semi-hidden, high-end designer nook where they stash the McQueen and Comme des Garçons. And fear not: Our tipster reports that the stock won't end at tees and dress shirts. Suiting, ties, outerwear and denim are on the way.

Womenswear, however, won't be coming to Saks, and our best bet is that Bloomingdale's piddly menswear selection is no more.
· Saks Fifth Avenue [Official Site]
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Saks Fifth Avenue

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