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Diesel's Mysterious Closing; Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone Split

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UNION SQUARE—Diesel is being highly cryptic about why their 14th Street store has been closed for most of July. The sign on the door says that they're making some "'cool' enhancements," which sounds like a pun to us, but we have no idea what the wordplay on "cool" could possibly mean. (Better air conditioning? Polar bear mannequins?) Diesel PR would only tell us that the visual team was working on "something special," but they did add that all will be revealed next week. [RackedWire]

NEW YORK—Looks like Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone are officially dunzo. Martone Tweeted that the couple split two months ago, which explains why Jacobs is quoted in Vogue today saying that he isn't getting married. [Gawker; Twitter]

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