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Tin City To Rid Bed-Stuy Of Its Duane Reade Dependence

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Image via Bed-Stuy Blog
Image via Bed-Stuy Blog

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Set to open this Sunday, Bed-Stuy's family-owned and operated Tin City Drug and General Store will go beyond standard soda shop territory by carrying organic food, environmentally friendly household products and a variety of personal necessities. According to Saratu Nafzigerm, who created the store with brothers John and Tim Nafzigerm just five months ago, they plan to fill a drugstore and toiletry void that they, as residents of the area, have noticed firsthand:

“This neighborhood needs somewhere where you can get personal care items. You can’t get a decent razor, you cannot buy tampons, you cannot buy shaving cream,” Saratu says. “I commute from the city and I see everyone with Duane Reade bags. Why are they bringing all of their over the counter drugs in? It makes no sense.”

Besides personal products and the old-fashioned ice cream sodas and floats they'll be serving, Bed-Stuy Blog tells that Tin City will also carry shelved organic and local foods, and has already almost doubled the amount that they plan to carry, solely from customer requests.

To see what they'll be carrying and just how old-timey an ice cream soda will make you feel, stop by this Sunday between 11am and 2pm for a free scoop as part of their grand opening celebration. -Carlye Wisel
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Tin City Drug & General Store

366 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn, New York