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Levi's Jumps On the High-Tech Ad Bandwagon on Houston

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Maybe you've seen the new gear-covered Levi's billboard on Houston and Lafayette. Maybe you've even stood on Houston for a couple minutes, waiting for the gears to start moving and feeling increasingly silly as the time ticked by. Well, as it turns out, the pieces will move one day—just not yet.

Bowery Boogie reports that Levi's is still in the process of installing the sign, which will ultimately spell out "We Are Workers," a new slogan for its all-American recession-friendly Go Forth campaign. It's not quite as space-aged as Calvin Klein's QR code ad or Forever 21's interactive display, but we're pretty sure this counts as the third high-tech billboard to go up in nearly as many weeks, making this officially a trend.
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Houston Street and Lafayette Street, New York, NY