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Soho Coach Flagship Morphs Into the Poppy Concept Store

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Coach Poppy hasn't just spent the summer arranging for dessert trucks to tempt us with sweet deliciousness outside each Coach location in the city. The line also just opened an official home at the former West Broadway Coach flagship, which has been renovated into the first Coach Poppy concept store.

For the uninitiated, Poppy is Coach's younger, more affordable line—full of bright colors and graphics, prominent and plentiful logos, textures (denim and velvet on the same bag, plus grommets!) and lots o' bling (an entire backpack covered in sequins!) The styles currently in the store recall a little Le Sportsac splashed with some old school Steven Sprouse graffiti-ed LV, mixed with Harajuku Lovers. But there's a market for everyone, especially shoppers like the excited out-of-town teenage daughter and parents set we encountered in the store.

Along with bags (between $150 and $400) of every size and color (and color mix), there are wallets, makeup bags, sunglasses, scarves, cute and colorful keychains ($28 to $58) and sunglasses. There is also a rack of outerwear, including a black—and in comparison super-sedated—moto-jacket, still expensive at $685. We liked one long, cross-body pouch in pewter with smaller logos on large round studs (they had to get it in there somewhere) for $158.

Not to worry, parents: While young Taylor is choosing between the sequin backpack and the pink leather hobo with the gigantic "Coach" logo plate, mom can peruse the original Coach line residing in the basement. The grown up goods include fall shoes displayed on the back wall and handbags and accessories along the side walls. (By the way, at this point out-of-town-dad was ecstatic to pay for daughter's bag and vamoose.)

The staff, all outfitted in pretty lavender cardigan uniforms, were very friendly and chatty. One staffer told us that after the conversion to Poppy, the store has increased in traffic and not just from the younger set. That's what we like to see—busy stores and occupied storefronts. Bring on the sequins!
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