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Union Square's New Duane Reade Dwarfs Nordstrom Rack

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This past Saturday, the empty Virgin Megastore space next to Nordstrom Rack officially opened as a monster Duane Reade. Not only is the drugstore enormous, but it's also one of the new breed of high-class DRs, the kind intended to compete with Sephora. The beauty section is enormous and stocked with both well-known brands (OPI, Essie) and more obscure "prestige beauty products" like Borba. They've even got got beauty advisers on hand, should you need someone to explain to you what Borba is.

The grocery area rivals the beauty section in size, and for now it's just as gleaming. We can't really imagine stopping at the drugstore for lunch, but that option is now available for Union Square office workers, who can choose from a selection of salads, sandwiches, and microwavable meals. There's an equally huge pharmacy, and the Shophound reports that later this year the shop will add a walk-in medical clinic. That's right: This Duane Reade is so advanced that you'll be able to get diagnosed and treated in the same place, then pick up some new nail polish and Wheat Thins to keep yourself occupied during your recovery period.
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