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Mass Pillaging for Samples at the Proenza Schouler Sale

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Just fifteen minutes past opening, the Proenza Schouler sale was already buzzing with excited shoppers and girls frantically dropping trou anywhere there was a surface area to pile their goods. But hey, who's to judge? We'd get half naked for a $125 sample Proenza Schouler dress, too. The sale advertises deals starting at $70, but the prices actually start at $20 for tissue tanks and khaki pants and go up to $1,010+ for leather dresses.

As for those samples, there are still some good ones left after last night's preview. We found a rack of the aforementioned lime green and yellow bandage dresses, but they were marked at $125 (not $100), plus there were a couple electric blue ones left in the mix, too.

We hit jackpot with the black leather bustier with green skirt dress for $150 (originally $1795), a yellow suede mesh short-sleeve shirt for $75, and a blue and black motorcross leather jacket for $330, but it disappeared right before our eyes. There are also gold silk cap-sleeve dresses for a sick, sick $25 (but only in sizes 8 and 10 and a couple had some threads loose). Other fantastic Uniqlo-priced items include tissue tanks for $20 (but some are priced at $70), tissue tees for $25 (other styles top out at $83), cream overall rompers for $50, and pants ranging from $20 to $40 in mostly black and khaki and different cuts.

The rest of the sale is more on the splurge level. We saw lots of leather: Mesh motorcross style tanks and tees in black and cream for $520, moto-mini skirts for $650 and gorgeous leather dresses (one style is black and cream and another style is blue with black delicate ruffle trim) for $1010+. There were also black jackets in different cuts for around $485, crepe shorts for $230, brocade jackets with jewel encrusted trim for $930 and cropped black trousers for $170. The hot pick of the morning seemed to be the grey tie dye silk dresses (sleeveless and short sleeve for $268), which were all snatched up and residing in the deathgrips of early bird shoppers as of 9:15am. From the looks of things, the non-sample sizes run from 4 to 10, but there are lots of 6's and 8's.

In the frenzy, we and pretty much everyone else forgot about the bags. There are large PS1 bags for $550, medium size pochettes for $510, and the adorable mini-sacs in a range of patterns and textures for $330 (originally priced from $895 and up). The girls were mostly using the bag table as a surface area for their discarded clothes, though.

Sadly, there are no shoes at this sale or maybe they were hidden under a pile of discarded dresses. Just kidding, we double checked: None. Cash and credit are accepted and per usual there are no fitting rooms. Everything is out on the floor so act fast if you want to get your hands on them samples.
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