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The Halston Sale Is More Than Pleasantly Surprising

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Fabulously exciting would be more like it. The sale offers up to 75% off spring and summer pieces from both the original Halston collection line and the Halston Heritage diffusion line, which earlier this year announced Sarah Jessica Parker as a head designer. Love or hate on SJP all you want, but we would happily watch SATC2 five times in a row without a break for deals like $150 snakeskin collection shoes, $60 cocktail dresses, and $40 leather totes (yes, leather totes).

The fun starts in the front shoes and bags section, so let's talk about the aforementioned Halston Heritage bags, which are priced at $40 for both canvas (slouchy totes, black cross body and clutches) and leather. We quickly snapped up a black leather convertible cross body tote and, still disbelieving the price, first sniffed it (yes, smelled like real leather and, yes, we went there), then asked a staffer to confirm the price. Score! There are also cute little soft suede long strap pouches and a couple light slouchy hobos.

The Halston Heritage shoes are mostly samples (size 40) and are priced at $35 for flats and $75 for regular shoes (we didn't see the ended-up-at-Marshall's espadrille wedges, but they did have the thongs in orange and pink). However, we'd suggest skipping these and splurge just $25 more for shoes over at the Halston collection side. Shoes, including lace up heels, 40's-style peep toe platforms, booties (loved the taupe peep toe ones in a size 7 with the crystal encrusted heel, originally $2,090) and even boots (like over-the-knee cream numbers and electric blue cut-out gladiators that were originally $1,320) are $100 a pair. The snakeskin heels (platforms, peep toes, strappies) are a steal at $150. Of course with fantastic, almost-too-good-to-be-true deals, there's a caveat: The shoes are mostly sample 40s, though with some styles, there are sizes running 37 to 41. The Halston Collection bags are also priced relatively well with small and leather bags at $200 and exotic skin bags for $300.

Then head on back to the neatly organized clothing section, where you can't miss the Halston Heritage section on the left because it's like Studio 54 exploded (in a good way) with a mix of bright prints, solids, studs and, of course, gold lamé. The short dresses are a fantastic deal at $60 (love, love this emerald green off-the-shoulder mini-disco dress originally priced at $395). Think about it: These vintage-looking frocks actually ring up less than most New York-priced actual vintage dresses. The jewel-toned long evening gowns and jumpers are also a steal at $90 each. Again, sizing is limited with the majority of items sized at four or six, but there are some additional sizes sparsely peppered throughout the racks.

For those with more grown up, but still sexy sleek, tastes and even more grown up bank accounts, the Halston collection side is worth a browse. Just move over to the more sedate palette of blacks, taupes and greys and longer hemlines. Prices range from $200 for tops and pants to $300 for short dresses to $400 for floor length gowns.

There is a designated fitting area in the back and cash and credit are accepted. For those Halston Heritage bargain hunters, good news: They will be replenishing more stock as the sale progresses. Hopefully we'll see more of those $40 leather totes.
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Halston & Halston Heritage Sale

96 Spring Street, New York, NY