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Jodi Arnold Cleaned Out; Paul Dano Attempts to Explain Sample Sales

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NOHO—It sounds like the Jodi Arnold sale was hit pretty hard today. A tipster reports, "There were 4 items in the $20 sample bin, and all 4 items had imperfections on them, which I'm fully aware of as they are samples. But 4 items? Seriously?" And a Sample Sally writer says that she found a smaller selection than at the last sale. [Racked Comments; Sample Sally]

TRIBECA—Nylon asked milkshake-drinking indie actor Paul Dano about fashion, and his answer made him sound like half the guys we know: "My girlfriend is quite fashionable, so she buys me clothes, so that's good....She bought me this shirt! She got it at that thing, the sample sale? The recent sample sale at Steven Alan. Because aren't sample sales less expensive?! This is a sample shirt and I love it." [Nylon]

Jodi Arnold Sale

2 Great Jones Street, New York, NY