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Bedbug-infested Hollister is Still Closed, Still Quiet, Still Buggy

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If you didn't know better, you might pass by the shut Hollister store on Broadway and think that it had gone bankrupt and abruptly closed like one former neighbor (ah hem Kira Plastinina), but alas?the store just has a serious case of bedbugs.

After the flagship location closed down Wednesday night when employee's continued complaints of infestation and bug bites were heard, Hollister set their topless male sentries out front to turn away potential customers. By last night however, only a simple sign on the darkened door explained?or rather, didn't explain?what was up.

"We're sorry Hollister is temporarily closed," it says. No explanation or any hints at when the store will reopen, so of course you are free to imagine the craziest things, but we're not sure what's crazier than the reality here. They do also say, in smaller print, "Please call (212) 334-1922 for updated information." Better hope the television news channels don't get ahold of that, but then again "Hollister" was already trending on Twitter last night.

After snapping the above photo, we peeked inside of the store and noted that everything was still in its place; piles of perfectly folded shirts stacked on top of tables and luxurious overstuffed chairs look as though the last thing they'd be hiding are colonies of bedbugs. But indeed, the scourge of New York has come, and we don't think Hollister is getting out of this one quickly or cleanly.
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600 Broadway, New York, NY