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Christian Louboutin Gets a New Couch, Starts Summer Sale

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Breaking fashion news straight from the West Village: Christian Louboutin has replaced the couch in his Horatio Street boutique. Oh yes, and there's a sale going on too.

Don't expect deep discounts, a huge range of sizes or styles with the sale, but it's a Louboutin sale without having to elbow people or be on a secret list, so that counts for something. And you'll get to help break in Christian's new couch!

Previously, his boutique was sporting a smaller leaf-print piece of furniture (see it in the background here) that was too Boca Raton for his boudoir atmosphere. This patchwork divan works far better, and plus it'll be able to sit more than two girls attempting to strap themselves into his heels. Check out a few pictures of such heels in his windows right now, above.
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Christian Louboutin

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Christian Louboutin Meatpacking District

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