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Louis Vuitton Erects the Eiffel Tower Right on Fifth Avenue

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Is buying a Louis Vuitton purse not a Parisian enough experience for you? Well, how about buying a Louis Vuitton bag from the brand's New York flagship store, which has plastered a giant Eiffel Tower onto its six-story glass facade? As if the giant store wasn't already a tourist magnet already, they had to go and make it photogenic?not that it can compete with Apple's Fifth Avenue cube, though.

The Eiffel Tower decal compliments the store's current windows displays, which feature towers of LV trunks roughly stacked to resemble the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

This would be the third major design to grace the LV facade in the last few years, previous themes being their travel guides series and the multicolore print. We like this one best; what do you think?
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Louis Vuitton

Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street, New York, NY