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Victoria's Secret Succumbs to a Slight Case of Bedbugs

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When Hollister closed due to the bedbug infestation over Fourth of July weekend, we were shocked. Then when South Street Seaport's Abercrombie & Fitch closed as well, and stayed closed for a few days to handle their problem, we were more concerned. But now we're just plain worried, as Victoria's Secret on Lexington Avenue and East 58th Street has also just been treated for bedbugs.

Before you jump out of your skivvies to check them for creepy crawlers, we'll tell you that Vicky's problem wasn't as bad as Hollister's or Abercrombie's and that the company dealt with it better: They've made it known that all affected product has been cleared out and destroyed, never to besmirch your ladyparts.

All of this went down on Wednesday, and the store has re-opened. To ensure that this doesn't have to happen again, Victoria's Secret will test for bedbugs in all of their other NYC stores and possibly even some in the suburbs. Perhaps A&F should be taking notes.
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Victoria's Secret

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