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Hayden-Harnett Makes Us Wait, Then Sadly Disappoints

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Full disclosure: After sweating for 20 minutes in a stifling hallway waiting for the Hayden-Harnett and the Collective Showroom sale to open, we were pretty grumpy. If the humongo Barneys Warehouse Sale can get it together to open at exactly 7am, then these guys should be able to open by a pretty generous 11am. And it pains us to write this, but the eventual sight of the Hayden-Harnett offerings didn't do much to assuage our cranky selves. Honestly, everything just made us really concerned for the brand.

The Hayden-Harnett section is on the larger left side of the sale, and the first thing shoppers will notice are major gaps in the shelf displays. There are barely any samples available. The two we saw were cute small styles (Wells Drawstring Pouch and the Garde Chain Bag), but they were still priced at $110, along a couple irreparably damaged bags.

On the gappy main Hayden-Harnet shelves, we saw shiny Trophy Satchels for $270 (originally $598), equally shiny studded flap Havanna Hobos for $200 (originally $498), smaller Lorca Turnlock shoulder pouches with leather tassles for $125 (now on sale online for $234.50), the Lily Shoulder Bags in brown for $90 (now on sale online for $208.60) and cute, but overpriced Lava Tambourine bags for $110 (on sale online for $119). That's pretty much it, folks.

Additionally, for Hayden-Harnett, there are a smattering of cuffs priced at $40 each, a few small wallets at $65, and a more generous selection of large wallets at $98. The best deals were the super cute $20 canvas and leather lined sunglasses pouches. There are also apparel offerings, including bins of swimwear starting at $30 for tops and damaged trenches and wool jackets starting at $90. On a rack, we perused a couple pairs of Sound of Music-reminiscent brown leather shorts at a nice $50, silk geometric tanks for $65 and dresses for $98. As we left, staffers were also putting out some Fall 2010 clothing samples that were priced around $150.

Even though Hayden-Harnett is the headliner of the sale, we actually first gravitated the more appealingly-displayed Collective side of the sale featuring bag designs from Magnes Sisters and Corrente. The Magnes Sisters had the popular "I Love New York" gold flecked flap bags in a rainbow of colors for $230 (originally $483). Corrente also had a selection of bags including a super cute back pocket shaped pouch with convertible straps for $90. Nearby, Imina had a rack of clothing ranging from $65 for a long sleeve ruched shoulder dress to $135 for silk tops.

Lastly, there is jewelry from Samantha House and Kim Lyons. The baubles were shiny and pretty to look at, but they were still on the pricey side (like $200+ and honestly, once you buy a necklace at the Fenton/Fallon sale for $30, it's pretty hard to go back), but we did spend some time admiring Kim Lyons' knuckle rings in gold ($120) and silver ($110). She also has a litle box of cash-only $20 and $30 items. Cash and credit are accepted, but there is a 10% discount for cash payments. Everything is already out on the floor, but then, we already figured as much.
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Hayden-Harnett & the Collective Showroom

16 W. 36th Street, New York, NY