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Chelsea Turns Out to Welcome Manhattan's Second Trader Joe's

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This morning at 8am, Chelsea gets blessed with its very own Trader Joe's. We've got intrepid reporter Fawnia Soo Hoo embedded in the line to report on all the opening festivities. Stay tuned for updates below...

7:38am: Good morning! Just arrived at Trader Joe's in Chelsea. There isn't a line, but there is a small crowd of about eight people gathered out here and waiting.

7:42am: They're giving out cookies and brewing fresh coffee. The staffers are super friendly; one just went to check about giveaways for me.

7:48am: There are now about 20 people out here and staffers just brought out the coffee. Nice! There is sort of a line starting, but most people are just crowding on the sidewalk in front of the Dunkers chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookies.

7:50am: So there are two young guys (one who could easily be at home waiting on a sample sale) standing in front of the store taking pictures and getting excited. Are they bloggers, or does Trader Joe's have some sort of groupie following? Either way, a staffer is now mugging for one guy's camera.

7:52am: NY1 is here. And a line has formed. Guess I'll wait in it.

7:55am: Very eclectic crowd here. Three guys with non-professional–looking camera, two strollers, one lady with a massive suitcase and one guy who looks like he just wants to buy groceries. (He has a granny cart.)

7:56am: Ooh! So they're giving away reusable bags. We're told to ask for one on the way out.

7:57am: Now the staffers are offering cookies to the line waiters like they're passing hors d'oeuvres. They're incredibly friendly here.

7:58am: Staffers are clapping inside. This is like the iPhone 4 launch. They're opening the doors soon!

8:00am: Oh wow, the line is around the corner now—maybe about 30 people are waiting. They're opening a bit late, apparently, and Fox is going to film in "two minutes."

8:01am: The line keeps growing. This is so funny. I'm used to this sort of thing for designer shoes or an iPhone, but not organic groceries.

8:03am: People in line are serious Trader Joe's groupies. Two of them just asked a staffer if they could have a yellow Hawaiian shirt. The uniform shirt, that is.

8:05am: We're in! People are clapping and cheering. It's crazy.

8:08am: This is seriously amazing. Staffers are clapping and screaming as each shopper grabs a little basket or wheels a cart. It's like when football players run out onto the field.

8:10am: OK, I may have to do some shopping while I'm here. The produce looks delicious. Be back with the report soon!

Coming up next: A complete look at the inside of the store.

Trader Joe's Chelsea

675 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY