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Brooklynites Stage a Rally Against Dead Sea Mud at Ricky's

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Activist group Code Pink has its sights set on Israeli cosmetic line Ahava, which is made of Dead Sea mud processed in a settlement in the West Bank. Last Friday, the group organized a protest in front of Ricky's on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. Dressed largely in what the Brooklyn Paper calls "spa attire," they chanted "Hey Ricky, what’s that scent? Smells like an illegal settlement!" Similar tactics caused Costco to distance itself from Ahava products, but it sounds like this particular protest might have backfired: A manager told the paper that Ahava was selling better than ever because customers were buying it out of spite.
· Mud-slinging on Montague! Protesters say Ricky's backs Israel's "illegal" occupation [Brooklyn Paper]


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