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Sephora To Exploit Drunk Shoppers With a New MePa Location

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Looks like Drunk Shopping might take have to take an evening jaunt through the Meatpacking District soon as Sephora has just signed a lease on a space at Ninth Avenue and 13th Street. The real estate dealmaker in charge tells the New York Post that the whopping 4,500 space will be a "unique boutique version" of the chain that will stay open late into the evening "to capitalize on the newly numerous late-night shoppers." In other words, take advantage of intoxicated and judgment impaired partiers, because, of course, you'll need five new lipsticks in the same shade after one champagne too many at the Boom Boom Room.

People have been wondering about the future of this space for awhile now. Most recently, it made news as a temporary art space that was the center of the Anne Hathaway's second sticky fingered boyfriend scandal. With such a colorful past and the future potential for drunk shopping, this Sephora is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Rendering via WWD

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