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The $20 Box Is a Pleasant Surprise at the Lauren Moffatt Sale

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Yesterday evening, we stopped by the Lauren Moffatt showroom at 214 W. 29th Street for a preview of her spring sample sale, which began this morning at 9am. Lauren Moffatt herself was on hand to help us go through a box full of merchandise priced at $20—beautiful silk dresses, skirts, and shirts all totally worth looking through. Added bonus: She told us about starting her business by sewing all the pieces of her first two seasons in her 31-foot sailboat home on the Hudson River.

Outside the $20 box, shorts go for $60, dresses for $120, and blazer/jackets for $140. There were several racks of tops for $90 in various different colors and textures. We were amazed by the woolen skirts that felt sturdy to the touch, yet not too heavy to wear in the city heat. And we were dying to try on several of the long silk dresses and tunics, the likes of which have been worn by Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore, Eva Mendes, and Ashley Olsen, among others.—Joann Pan
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Lauren Moffatt Showroom

214 W. 29th Street, New York, NY