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DVF Fans Flock to Fifth Avenue for the First Real Day of the Sale

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Diane von Furstenberg's legendary bi-annual sample sale opens to the general public this morning at 9am. But if you've been following the sale for a while, you know that the day before it launches is usually friends-and-family day—and that sale staffers won't turn you away if you happen to wander in off the street. So will the official kick-off draw a line? Racked correspondent Fawnia Soo Hoo is on the scene to find out.

8:25am: Morning! I just arrived and 1) it smells like garbage and 2) the line is split into two sections: About 15-20 in front of the store and the rest of us on the other side of the sidewalk.

8:28am: There are two ladies behind me who are speaking very loudly in Southern accents. I guess one friend didn't make it this morning because she's "used to going out drinking until 5am."

8:31am: All the ladies behind me are yapping up a storm! One says she just went to Bergdorf and bought a dress on sale for $89. (Just an FYI.) I think the two Southern ladies are maybe here for a conference and they're skipping a session. It's not clear, but they're talking so much that I'm sure I'll find out soon.

8:34am: The line is growing. It looks like there are about 100 people here now. Maybe they all decided to wait for the restocked sale. The ladies behind me are already talking about the next DVF sale. They say it will be on December 7, 8, and 9, with friends-and-family on December 6.

8:35am: Ooh! Staffers are rolling in the plastic-wrapped stock of brand-new dresses.

The line as of 8:38am

8:39am: The line has hit 28th Street.

8:40am: It really is a pleasant morning to be outside—not too cold, not too scorchingly hot or humid.

8:42am: Staffers are bringing out huge garbage bags of plastic garment wrapping from the new stock. Hope they recycle! New dresses still coming in.

8:43am: OK, now they're restocking black pants and skirts.

8:45am: The line is majority female and it looks like most are on their way to work (or will be at work late.) Lots of cardigans and big work bags.

8:47am: The ladies behind me started reminiscing about the last DVF sample sale in December and the conversation has now degenerated. "Oh yeah, that time you had the wrong location?"

8:54am: The line is wrapped around 28th Street now.

8:55am: They're still rolling in clothes, but it looks like staffers are getting ready to open the floodgates (or at least the rope and stanchion holding the first group in.) Hopefully I'll be part of the first rush.

8:57am: The ladies are bickering now ("That's not nice." "Check yourself.") For a second there was a welcome silence, but they started back up again talking about vacation. Let me in, DVF!

8:59am: It looks like they're finishing up the set-up and dumping the last of the garbage bags in the cellar.

9:04am: They're still moving stuff out. Now I notice that there is a third line section behind the bus shelter.

9:05am: And another random line in front of the door! What is going on?

9:07am: The random line was just let in. It seems like those girls made their own line, and the ladies behind me are flipping out. I have a feeling maybe they were friends-and-family who didn't make it yesterday? The bouncer was out here the entire time, so he would have noticed (we hope.)

9:11am: Southern lady has already warned that she will make a scene about the line-jumping group when she gets inside. But will the staff care?

9:13am: We just moved up a bit. I'm still in that second section across the sidewalk, though.

9:21am: OK! I made it to the section closest to the door. Better prep for coat and bag check. The ladies behind me, meanwhile, are still talking. Loudly. "And if it's not about me, it's not right!"

9:23am: In!

Diane von Furstenberg Sample Sale

260 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY