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Brooklyn Farmacy Opens; More on Burkina Faso Notebookgate

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CARROLL GARDENS—After a long soft-launch, the Brooklyn Farmacy is finally open for real. We didn't spot any produce when we stopped by, but they've got lots of fun preserved foods—pickled fiddlehead ferns, e.g.—and the staff is incredibly friendly. [RackedWire]

NEW YORK CITY—Last week, when Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean blogged about buying an $109 notebook, commenters accused him of spending frivolously when people are starving in Burkina Faso. Today he posted a photo of another notebook with this text: "Perfect and vintage. Bought for $1 in a parking lot in New Jersey (Meadowlands Flea). Even a man from Burkina Faso can afford this one." [ACL; Previously]

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

Henry Street and Sackett Street, New York, NY