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The Abercrombie & Fitch Line: Still There, Still Inexplicable

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Image via andruby/Flickr

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The Wall Street Journal breaks this whole Abercrombie & Fitch thing wide open. Did you know that there's a gigantic line of tourists outside the midtown flagship? And that Abercrombie hires really hot people to stand around being hot, sometimes without their tops on?

The Abercrombie line is a constant source of mystery, but the WSJ does manage to dig up two new pieces of information about the store. First of all, several employees told the reporter without prompting that they're no longer allowed to take breaks until they've worked for six hours (up from five). And secondly, when asked why she was willing to wait in a giant line on the steamy Fifth Avenue sidewalk for access to a chain store, an Irish tourist cited "The smell...and the guys inside the door are so gorgeous. You feel like you're bringing a slice of America back."
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